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12 Aug 2014

How to maintain your cricket bat

1. Put a extratec bat protector sheet face of the bat, it help to strengthen the bat, on the edges mainly put 2. some Fiberglass Tape  then there is no need to oil there so there is less maintenance.
3. Knock in the bat properly with a bat mallet or with a ball mallet and with old ball in the net before         you take it out for the matches.
4.Light coat of linseed oil. (only uncover area)
5. Always put a Toe Guard, it helps your bat from cracking.
6. Knockin the bat edges carefully and make them round.

Do not store you bat in high temperature areas. Like Boot of your car.
Do not expose your bat to water.
Do not over oil you bat (Single coat is enough with few drop of oil)

Last but not the least - Keep control on your anger while batting